Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Right Now: January 2018

I'm listening:   to the morning chatter here in the office.   It's a happy chatter, and what a refreshing way to gradually enter each work day.   It gives me a chance to reflect and during this morning's reflection, I realize I haven't blogged in forever...and I miss that.   So, here I go, off to try to and resume a healthy habit I once practiced with greater regularity.

I'm loving that 2018 seems to be starting out pretty smoothly.   December was a blur with my father facing some health challenges and Thing 2's car being stolen.    I'm happy to report that my dad's health has stabilized to the point where he has now been cleared to proceed with a planned and very necessary surgery.

  And Thing 2 is now the proud owner of a new-to-him car, complete with co-signing a loan.   But alas, bad mom that I am I have no photographs of said new car.   I'll add it to the to-do list.  For now this picture of him learning to operate a side car will have to suffice...
I'm loving that despite how busy the days get, I still find time for hanging with the ladies.   In December, we went for a little culture...attending this fabulous musical.  

I'm needing to find time for regular exercise.    For the longest time, I had a walking partner who far exceeded me in the motivation department.   She called, and made sure we walked.   But she's had some back problems and has scaled back her walking efforts.   And that's all the excuse I needed to back off on my personal efforts.    This past weekend we got a small amount of snow that Thing 1 and I shoveled.   The sore muscles and the stamina were really a sign that I need to get myself back in the routine of exercise.    Start small, go slow but just get out there and do it.

I'm feeling ready.   Ready to continue with my weight loss journey after a small derailment with holiday eating.   I gained about 3 pounds and have managed to already say goodbye to half that gain.  If I add exercise, I'm confident that the rest will soon follow.   And if not, I'll still have peace of mind that I am treating my body with the kindness it deserves.   I'm ready to get back to the great joy of reading (or listening) to a good book.   So far, I've been on a winning streak, totally enjoying the memoir of Glennon Melton Doyle, who wrote Love Warrior and am now laughing with the wisdom of Lauren Graham of Gilmore Girls fame.    I'm also reading a book called "Reading with Patrick" and it is the true story of a teacher who goes to Arkansas as part of the Teach for America.   She used a writing prompt similar to what I use here on my blog and the words of her young students brought tears to my eyes.   At times I forgot how protected my little world is.

Time to wrap things up...but fingers crossed that this new year continues in a positive and healthy direction for me and my family!   Until next time....

Monday, December 25, 2017

20 years of Christmas

Oh dear neglected blog...I promise I'll visit you later...yeah right...but know that I treasure the stories I shared here through the years, even if these days I don't take the time to continue this tradition.

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Right Now October 2017

I'm listening to the hum of the furnace kicking in.   We are in the back-n-forth season, some mornings it's not too cold and other mornings it's a bit brisk.   While typically I find more comfort in the predictable, I must say I enjoy the swings in the weather that occur this time of year.   For it is this ever changing weather that brings forth some pretty impressive sunrises (and sunsets too).
Photo credit:  Hubby
I'm loving so much that if I listed it all, you'd call me a sap?   How's that for a non-answer...but seriously, the new job is going really good,
 I mean seriously...what's not to love...not only do I get paid to go to the zoo...but we get Fall Break!

As for Fall Break, yes, both myself and Thing 2 get a week off from school.  However,  since I switched school districts, my break was a week before his.   But even that worked out just fine.   

 Hubby and I spent my time off exploring the Black Hills area of South Dakota.  

 Granted, I'd been before:   First as a kid growing up and again when the boys were about 6 &8.

  But this trip seemed the most memorable...with great weather, next to no crowds and plenty of wildlife.    

Did I mention wildlife?  Yeah, it's a whole new experience from the side car....
Thing 2 spent his break taking a motorcycle training class earning his motorcycle endorsement.
A little bit of foreshadowing...

and working (volunteering actually) at a music venue in the city.   He's learning all about sound engineering and concert promotion.  
He noted afterwards that it's a lot of work serving as the lead on a project, so seemed rather content to be back to just being an attendee at a Halloween night concert...

As for the Hubby and Thing 1:  No Fall break for, school, just seem to be hanging in there, avoiding my picture taking madness.

I'm needing to start working on some to-do lists.   If September and October were any example, then Thanksgiving will arrive before I've had a chance to clean the house and prep for hosting Thanksgiving Dinner and house guests.  

I'm feeling like:   There really is no need to sweat the little things, for in the end it all works out.  

 I'm not always in this mindset, but some recent events have reminded me just how important it is to celebrate the little events in life, with less worry about having everything timed just perfectly. 

 Call that friend for a quick walk through the neighborhood, meet an old neighbor for brunch when you just can't seem to connect for dinner due to ongoing scheduling conflicts, and grab that camera and go when you kid tells you at the last minute "Hey, we're taking pictures for Homecoming right now if you want to join us".  
 for it is in these impromptu moments, one sees glimpses of life's memorable moments...unfolding right before our eyes..
from the serious 
to the silly...
The secret of having it all is knowing you already do..unknown author